About Bay Maritime Consulting, LLC


Our latest endeavor in Marine Surveying is focused on recreational and light commercial vessels.  Fully accredited as a Master Marine Surveyor with NAVTECH and the US Surveyors Association and as a member of the ABYC we will ensure that your vessel meets the highest safety standards.

Bay Maritime Consulting, LLC is backed by over 32 years experience in the marine industry. The passion for marine service began in the pleasure boating, power and sailing industry in Miami, Florida in the 1980s.  Serving in the US Navy from 1986 to 1990 further enhanced our direction in the world of the marine industry.

In the 1990s  our experience bloomed with fantastic opportunities in both the commercial and military marine industry for repair and conversions.  The vessel types included drill ships, Ro-Ros, cruise liners, tankers, bulkers and special purpose vessels.

From 1999 to 2006 the focus was on new construction.  A variety of vessels including tankers, supply vessels and passenger vessels added greatly to our new build experience.  During this period several major conversions and modifications also took place.

In 2006 Bay Maritime Consulting was dedicated to developing technical reports and documents for regulatory certification. Soon in 2007 the demand for on site management gave way to numerous opportunities involving a variety of vessels and locations.  Since then, Bay Maritime Consulting, LLC has provided stellar services for a wide array of vessel types and owners both domestically and internationally.

Bay Maritime Consulting, LLC is the best choice to serve your marine industry needs. With the versatility and well rounded experience of so many years in the marine field Bay Maritime Consulting, LLC is the key in turning your vision to reality.